Mack Pinnacle™ Series

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Old school grit. Uncompromising comfort.


Quality where it counts.

It takes more than a truck to earn our reputation. Uncompromising commitment to our customers is just one of the qualities that drives us.


Built to shoulder the load.

Durable, reliable, proven—Pinnacle’s tough components and rugged engineering make it a workhorse on the highway.

Advantage™ Chassis

Advantage™ chassis frame rails support heavy loads, even on challenging terrain.

Axle-Forward Cab

Forward axle position spreads the load to maximize your payload.

Engineered Stable

A low center of gravity offers unstoppable stability.


On-road, off-road, every road.

From heavy loads to steep grades to long hauls, Pinnacle is up to whatever challenges the job throws your way.

Pinnacle’s chassis provides clean wheel cuts for quick maneuvering.

High ground clearance for taking Pinnacle off-highway.


Comfortable from start to finish.

Pinnacle’s fully redesigned cab and driver environment are built around the way work gets done on the road, keeping drivers comfortable, safe, and focused all day long.

Spacious Cab

Generous headroom lets drivers stand up comfortably in the cab and sleeper.

Premium Seating

Mack-exclusive seats provide unmatched comfort.

Instrument Panel

Easy-to-reach controls reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.


Regional Hauling

Power, performance, fuel economy and maneuverability to handle regional hauls.

Flatbed and Lowboy

For heavy-duty hauling, Pinnacle Sleeper models are great choices in flatbed and lowboy operations.

Bulk Hauling

Lightweight, maneuverable, and powerful to handle the big loads, with flexible PTO options.

Long Haul

All the reliability, performance, fuel economy and creature comforts you need for long-distance runs.


The grit you need and the reliability you expect to pull more freight and turn more profit.

Driver Environment

Engineered for better control and comfort on the road, Pinnacle helps keep drivers focused and ready to roll.

Additional Storage

Oversized cup holders fit large drinks and there’s room for keys, devices and more in the easy-to-clean unit.

Mack-Exclusive Seats

We partnered with Sears Seating to build seats that improve driver comfort and support, while taking on daily wear and tear.

Steering Wheel Controls

Built to work and designed with purpose, automotive-inspired controls make operating Pinnacle easy, safe and comfortable.

D-Panel Gauges

Customize the dash with 4 optional auxiliary gauges.

Sleeper Environment

WThe Mack Pinnacle is built with 70-inch StandUp Sleeper with 35% more space to give drivers plenty of room to get comfortable, rest well and stay focused on the road.


Opt for a spacious, stainless steel refrigerator or choose from prep kits—including power outlets—for a refrigerator, microwave or flat-screen TV.

Sleeper Control Panel

Access power outlets and ports and control the sleeper stereo, interior lighting and high-performing HVAC from one convenient panel.

Generous Headroom

Pinnacle’s generous ceiling height of 6'11" at the driver’s seat and 7’1" in the rear of the cab lets drivers stand up and walk right through to the sleeper.

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