Mack® LR Model

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Designed for drivers. Built for the job.

Quality where it counts.

It takes more than a truck to earn our reputation. Uncompromising commitment to our customers is just one of the qualities that drives us.


Keep safety in sight.

Maneuvering narrow streets is made easier by the LR model’s large windows to increase your field of vision where you need it most.

Large Windshield

Windshields are edge-to-edge glass for superior forward visibility.

Reduced Blind Spots

Large side windows and door peep windows all but eliminate blind spots.

Wraparound Window

Rear wraparound window provides a clear view of cross traffic.


Easy entry and exit.

Low cab floor height and an easy-to-navigate design helps drivers get in and out of the cockpit in less time and with less effort.

Low 17” step height makes boarding simple and safe.

Convenient grab handles for three points of contact on entry.

Large door openings make for even more comfortable boarding.


Stay comfortable on the job.

The LR Model’s flexible and versatile driver environment options let you build the truck that’s right for the job and for your drivers.

Multiple seating options increase comfort and productivity.

The tilt and telescopic steering column offers a perfect fit.

The cab is 4" deeper than the previous model, giving drivers more legroom.

Front Loader Refuse

LR excels in front loading for residential and commercial applications.

Rear Loader Refuse

Perfect for on-the-go residential, commercial and municipal jobs, LR trucks shine in rear loading refuse.

Side Loader Refuse

The versatile LR trucks are ideal for curbside pickup and other side loading applications.


Driver Environment

The Mack LR Model puts the driver’s needs first with upgraded features designed for more comfort and increased productivity.

Seating Options

Increase comfort and productivity with stand-up and seated positions.

Expanded Storage

Storage pockets, 2-liter-bottle holders and a central storage platform mean there’s room for everything.

Up-to-Date Technology

Access entertainment and vital information with the Bluetooth-enabled, hands-free radio and easy-to-read gauge cluster.

Adjustable Steering Column

Tilting, telescoping and designed for all-day comfort at the wheel.

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