Learn More About the Mack Anthem Exterior

Learn More About the Mack Anthem Exterior

Inside and out, the new 2018 Mack Anthem is an impressive addition to the family of Mack Trucks for sale in Windsor at 401 Trucksource. With a number of innovations included in the engine, transmission, and interior of the truck, it might be easy to overlook just how much of a difference the exterior of these outstanding new Mack trucks for sale can make. With a bold and aerodynamic design that is still very much a classic Mack, the Anthem combines the best of modern design with the Mack look and feel that’s been established over the course of the last  117 years.

The aerodynamic design on these new trucks helps to give you outstanding fuel efficiency with your Mack Anthem. The vertical and horizontal lines on the vehicle displace air more easily both to the top and sizes of the truck, while the new grille increases airflow to the radiator and the doors have a new streamlined design and the air intake vent helps to improve airflow for even greater efficiency. All of this amounts to an estimated fuel economy increase of 1.5% in the day cab configuration and 3% in the sleeper models. Mack has heard from their customers about how important fuel efficiency is, and they worked to deliver numerous improvements to it with the debut of the Anthem.

Other exterior features on these trucks include folding side mirrors that collapse on impact to help prevent damage, a standard three-piece bumper and three-piece hood to help lower replacement costs in the event of a collision, an easier-to-open hood, improved lighting systems including headlamps, turn signals, and fog and roof lights, and much more help make the Anthem not only standout new truck to look at, but also one that is safer, easier to use, more efficient, and provides a better experience overall for the driver. 

The new 2018 Mack Anthem will help your truck stand out on the road while giving you all of the features, power, safety, reliability, and efficiency that you’re looking for, and at 401 Trucksource, we are proud to welcome the new Mack Anthem to our complete lineup of Windsor Mack Trucks for sale and lease. Whether you’re looking to buy a Mack Anthem or any of the great Mack Trucks for sale in Windsor available at 401 Trucksource, or want great options for Windsor trucks for lease to make sure your fleet always has the newest models available for it, we can help you find the right fit for your business. Plus, we offer a wide range of financing options and flexible leasing options to make sure that you can get the new truck that your business needs to keep moving forward.

To find out more about our complete selection of new Mack Trucks for sale in Windsor, as well as our great selection of Windsor used trucks for sale, truck leasing in Windsor, truck repair and service, and truck parts for sale, visit us, contact us, or call us today. We would be happy to help you find the right vehicles and services to help match the needs of your business.