Check Out the Latest Technology on the 2020 Mack and Volvo Trucks

Check Out the Latest Technology on the 2020 Mack and Volvo Trucks

With 2020 Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks now available at 401 Trucksource, now is the perfect time to learn about advancements in technology that the latest truck models have to offer. The new lineup of Mack and Volvo trucks both give you upgraded safety features, better fuel efficiency, improved cabs to make your drive easier and more comfortable and so much more. To learn more about what’s available in these 2020 Volvo Trucks and 2020 Mack Trucks and how they can make the drive easier for you, talk to the team at 401 Trucksource.

2020 Mack Trucks and Volvo Trucks for Sale in Windsor

Fuel efficiency is always important when it comes to lowering the cost of owning your truck, and Mack and Volvo are committed to giving you the most distance for your money. With advancement in engine technology, more aerodynamic design, enhanced cruise control and multiple other upgrades throughout all of their trucks, Mack and Volvo help you save money on fuel throughout the life of your truck.

Both Mack and Volvo continue to invest in ways to keep you safer on the road. Volvo continues to upgrade Volvo Active Driver Assist to offer better automated emergency braking, lane departure warnings, highway departure warning and braking and more. Similarly, Mack has improved Mack Connect to provide better predictive analytics and connective technology to give you a safer and more productive drive.

For the interior of these great new trucks, you will find loads of upgrades whether you’re looking for a day cab or sleeper cab. The cabs on the newest Mack and Volvo trucks are more spacious, offer more comfortable seating, have an easier to reach and use instrument panel and much more to keep you comfortable and in control while you’re driving. They have also worked with drivers to find the perfect size and placement of sleeper cab features to make their sleeper cabs more of a home away from home.

Windsor Truck Repairs and Service

The newest technology in your Mack and Volvo trucks makes getting any service or truck repairs you need easier than ever. Your truck can help an authorized Mack or Volvo uptime centre like 401 Trucksource immediately diagnose and treat any issues with your truck so you get back on the road as quickly as possible. With an experienced team and one of the largest body shops in the region, we can get you the service when you need it and can complete your repairs fast and correctly.

Learn More about 2020 Mack and Volvo Trucks

Talk to the team at 401 Trucksource about the new 2020 Mack and Volvo trucks we have available and let us help you find the right one for your business.  To get started, visit us, contact 401 Trucksource or call us today at (519) 737-6956.