The New Volvo VNR Model is Here!

The New Volvo VNR Model is Here!

401 Trucksource is proud to offer the newest Volvo Trucks for Sale in Windsor, and we are always excited to be able to offer you the latest Volvo trucks with all of the updated safety features, technology, and comfort upgrades that come with them. With the release of the new Volvo VNR Model in April 2017, once again Volvo has managed to show that their ongoing commitment to remaining a leader in regional haul trucks.

The brand new Volvo VNR truck is built to be a dependable regional hauler to allow you to get around more effectively even on the busiest city streets. In addition to improving on Volvo’s high degree of reliability, this truck offers you outstanding manoeuvrability and steering, great fuel efficiency, a better transmission with upgraded I-Shift technology, and technological advancements to help you be more productive. The redesigned interior was designed with feedback from drivers, and was created to give you the most comfortable ride available, including a cooler under the passenger seat, overhauled seats, and upgraded information and entertainment features. The new VNR is also designed to give you a more comfortable night of rest in its refined sleeper cab. The new Volvo VNR is also extremely versatile, offering you options for a wide variety of regional hauling applications.

When it comes to safety, the new Volvo VNR has you covered, too. Improved visibility, maneuverability, active safety technology to respond to the traffic around you, rollover prevention features, warning displays on the windshield, improved LED headlights, and more mean that you get one of the safest rides on the road today. At 401 Trucksource, we know how important safety is to our customers, and when you are looking for great safety features in the new trucks for sale in Windsor, the brand new Volvo VNR is a great option to consider.  The new diagnostic technology on the Volvo VNR also helps technicians identify problems more quickly and accurately, and Volvo’s network of Certified Uptime Centres help make sure you are always close to a facility that help keep you on the road.

The new Volvo VNR continues to show the advancements being made by Volvo in their latest trucks, and we would love to show you more about how these new advancements can make your drive better and help your business run more smoothly. To learn more about the Volvo VNR, or any of the other latest Volvo Trucks for sale in Windsor, contact us or visit us today! We can help you discover all of the outstanding new features these trucks offer, your truck leasing and financing options, what we can do to help you upgrade your fleet, and much more. At 401 Trucksource, we want to be your trusted source for new Volvo trucks in Windsor now and down the road.