Volvo VNR Series

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The Volvo VNR represents the future of regional haul. This truck does not compromise, delivering productivity and efficiency with quality and long-haul amenities.

VNR 300

The cab of the VNR 300 brings precise refinement of the driving environment to a lightweight, efficient daycab. The cab interior is thoughtfully organized to keep daily-route drivers productive, comfortable, and happy.

VNR 400

With a 42-inch flat-roof sleeper, the VNR 400 is well-suited for overnight, regional bulk-haul applications where overall height is a consideration. By packaging an efficient sleeper into a compact BBC, the VNR 400 maintains maximum maneuverability for busy loading sites or industrial deliveries.

VNR 640

When home-time stops are fewer and farther between on your regional routes, the 61-inch midroof sleeper on the VNR 640 provides extra room for catching up on paperwork or relaxing, and ample storage to keep your living area organized. And with a short BBC, the VNR still maintains excellent maneuverability.

VNR 660

When stops at home are more spread out on your regional routes, the VNR 660 now has high-roof sleeper options which provide an ideal solution. The 164" bumper to back-of-cab length reduces the truck’s weight and allows for a wide range of trailer combinations for increased cargo capacity.

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The Volvo VNR features a dramatic exterior that’s impossible to ignore. Distinctive contours enhance airflow, while state-of-the-art LED lighting provides improved visibility and reduced maintenance. Inside, seating has been optimized to be even more ergonomic, while a dashboard and steering wheel bring controls and information efficiently to the driver, minimizing distraction.



Our VNR series is street smart, designed to handle any urban delivery location your GPS can dream up.

  • Food & Beverage Distrubtion
  • Petroleum & Oil
  • Tanker
  • Urban Distribution
  • Vehilce Transporter
  • Bulk Haul - Dry & Liquid
  • Flatbed



The Volvo VNR features a dramatic exterior that’s impossible to ignore. Distinctive contours enhance airflow, while state-of-the-art LED lighting provides improved visibility and reduced maintenance.

Redesigned Hood

A short, sloped hood provides a commanding view when navigating through crowded and congested work zones.

State-of-the-art LED headlights

All VNR models feature LED high/low beam headlights, as well as LED turn, marker and parking lamps. The premium headlamp also features a “signature” LED daytime running light.

Maximum maneuverability

With a wheel cut of up to 50 degrees and a BBC of just 113 inches, the VNR 300 delivers maximum maneuverability for urban deliveries.



The driving environment in the Volvo VNR has been redefined to meet the needs of drivers operating in today’s competitive marketplace. Improved seating, instruments and controls are designed to put the driver comfortably and safely in command.

Position Perfect Steering

No two drivers are exactly the same, so we set out to design a steering solution that would be exactly the right height and angle, no matter who’s behind the wheel. With a three-way neck tilt, driver’s have an almost endless array of choices for positioning the wheel exactly where they prefer it

Configurable LCD screen

At the heart of the new and improved instrument cluster is a five-inch driver color display, with improved graphics, works with steering wheel mounted controls to provide key operating parameters, as well access to trip information, performance data, and wide-range of vehicle diagnostics.

Infotainment system

The new infotainment system is optional in every VNR. It features a seven-inch color touch screen and an integrated premium audio system. Drivers can also choose to install navigation tools and a wide selection of third-party applications.


Volvo VNR sleepers offer premium touches that give drivers a comfortable place to relax and recharge when regional hauls require an overnight stop. With a 36-inch wide bed, the 42-inch flat-roof VNR 400 sleeper, the 61-inch mid-roof VNR 640 and high-roof VNR 660 sleeper provide ample room to rest.


A thick layer of insulation combined with some of the quietest running engines in the industry keep the cab comfortable and quiet whether you’re down for an hour or for the night.

Control panel

The sleeper control panel can be used to lock the doors, adjust bunk heating and cooling, or set audio levels.


The VNR 640’s cabinets can be configured to include a refrigerator or a microwave, so a hot meal or a cold drink can be available at any time.

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