All-New Volvo VNL

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Designed to change everything


This is no evolution, it’s a revolution.

The distinctly curved windshield and angular profile will be the first things you notice. But that’s just the beginning of the aerodynamic and powertrain breakthroughs found throughout the all-new VNL. Together they create up to a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency versus our previous model.

The very shape of the all-new Volvo VNL is a revolution.

Fuel efficiency is just the beginning.

Beautiful design. Aerodynamic, functional purpose. The all-new Volvo VNL.

Drive with high-performance style

Discover the exterior that makes a statement.

Streamlined, even standing still

The shrink-wrapped hood and optimized wedge-shaped cab create more efficient airflow from the front of the hood to the end of the sleeper.

Cab fairing extensions

New cab fairing extensions connect airflow from cab to trailer, improving overall aerodynamic performance.

Aerodynamic windshield

Our new aerodynamic windshield was designed with a sloped-A pillar and aggressive curvature to help reduce drag and maximize fuel efficiency.


Low ground effects, front wheel closeouts, and a reduced height front fender work together with FlowBelow tailored drive wheel panels to further reduce drag and guide airflow.

Camera Monitoring System*

Greater view support meets reduced drag with our Camera Monitoring System. The system can replace traditional door and hood mirrors with aero-designed cameras linked to intuitively placed video monitors within the cab.

*Camera Monitoring System not available on current production, details to come in late 2024.

Grille and bumper

Redesigned grille opening and air intake optimize airflow, efficiently manage cooling, and vent engine heat while minimizing drag. The new bumper has a lower profile that guides more air to balance aerodynamics and cooling.

You immediately notice the curved windshield and more angular profile. But they’re just the beginning of the aerodynamic breakthroughs on our most fuel-efficient VNL ever.

Chassis fairings

Upgraded chassis fairings feature a single, intuitive quick-release hatch for more secure fastening, easier removal, and optimal chassis access.

Fairing extensions

New foldable side fairing extenders pair with improved cable storage for easier exterior access to the back of the cab.

Front wheel closeouts

The front wheel closeouts reduce the gap between the fender and the wheel well. These closeouts guide more air away from the wheel opening and reduce turbulence under the hood.

Ground effects

The all-new VNL’s chassis fairings now feature extended ground effects that hug the road and allow fewer disturbances as air passes down the cab.


Driving Environment

Step into your new office

Everything where you want it and how you need it. Experience a suite of improvements that take truck driving to new places.

From big suspension advances, repositioned seat controls, and a stalk-mounted shifter, the all-new VNL improves driver productivity across the board.

Next-level form meets next-gen function

Find the styling that best complements your fleet

Stalk-mounted shifting

Intuitively placed shifting and gear selection decrease the need for reaching and reduce distractions during operation. Convenient shifting, engine braking, and more are now at the driver’s fingertips.

Remote and push-button ignition

Industry-first push-button ignition gets you going in-cab, while our key fob can activate your engine, external lighting, climate control and more.

Position Perfect Steering

Optimized steering with three-way movement and customizable wheel position paired with Volvo Dynamic Steering to give drivers the most comfortable, accessible steering experience possible.

Seats and controls

New right-hand side driver’s seat controls make for easy seat adjustments - seat slide, height, recline, swivel, and tilt ranges are all improved. Heat, ventilation, and the popular Back Cycler function are all available options in our latest seating lineup.

Information displays and infotainment system

Digital gauges, including suspension loading, axle interlock, and I-Shift transmission oil levels keep focus forward. Navigation, multi-camera, and backup camera views can also be integrated with the Infotainment Center.

Smart suspension

All four key areas of the suspension system on the all-new Volvo VNL have been redesigned: front, engine, cab, and rear. The result is an enhanced ride that eliminates most road inputs and vibrations, delivering our best-ever driving experience.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The tire pressure monitoring system helps the driver track tire pressure on the truck, helping maintain optimal fuel efficiency. Sensors check tire pressure every 10 seconds and update data in the Driver Information Display every minute.

Living Environment

A space that works for you

The all-new VNL offers spaces optimized for both working and living, putting the driver comfortably in command and maximizing productivity.

Living well, working well.

Comfortable living for optimal driving.

We’ve redesigned the all-new VNL’s living environment to help drivers sleep better, so they can work better.

Fully integrated controls

The all-new VNL’s streamlined, bunk-accessible control panel provides direct access to lighting, audio, door locks, alarms, battery controls, and the most advanced climate control in the industry— Volvo’s Integrated Parking Cooler.

Get the right kind of rest

Whether it’s the reclining bunk, the plentiful USB and 120V plug options, upgraded insulation, or the surprisingly quiet climate control, the all-new VNL’s sleeper area is more comfortable and packed with amenities.

Our reclining mattress, an industry-first, is available in most VNL models. The popular dinette option is still available as well, thanks to the new versatile foldable bunk stowable bed design that secures against the back wall much like a murphy bed. This provides an incredibly large space for working or sitting.

The short climb to quality rest

Space is always at a premium on the road. The telescopic ladder in our larger VNL sleepers provides safe, easy upper bunk access and collapses for convenient storage.

More space = more comfort

The all-new VNL continues our tradition of spacious storage. Secure, expanded storage throughout the cabin that’s smart and easy to find. The upper bunk provides an extra sleeping area or additional storage thanks to the load-protection lip and cargo net.

Full control of a full night’s rest

The combination of an overlapping, magnetic curtain and airplane style window shades give the driver full control over light levels in their sleep environment. Sleeper curtains are also available with an optional thermal barrier for warmer or colder locations.

Lower fuel bills. Perfect temperatures. Sleep well.

Volvo’s Parking Cooler is a fully integrated, battery-powered cooling system. Run up to a full overnight without having to auto-start the engine for recharge, so there’s less noise and idling.

Reducing emissions and operating costs

From improved cab insulation to lower rpm standard idle settings and a new battery-powered HVAC option, our latest idle management innovations can help reduce emissions, improve engine wear, and save money on fuel costs.

The best appliances for your home on the road

Sleeper models of the all-new VNL feature the largest refrigerators on the market, with an option for oversized 80L refrigerator units for our largest models.


Prepared for nearly every ‘what if?’

You don’t become the brand known for safety by playing it safe. Brand new to the VNL, the Volvo Active Safety Platform keeps drivers and pedestrians safe with a suite of advanced driver assistance safety systems.

Leading the charge on safety.

Our pioneering focus on safety yields innovation yet again.

The all-new VNL's Volvo Active Safety Platform with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems is the latest step in our commitment to developing next-generation safety and accident prevention technologies.

Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go

Set speed with Adaptive Cruise Control to identify vehicles ahead, calculate their speed, and adjust the powertrain to avoid collisions...even in stop-and-go traffic.

Forward collision avoidance

Forward collision avoidance helps drivers keep a safe distance, whether via adaptive cruise mode to avoid constant braking while adapting to the speed of the vehicles ahead or audible and visual warnings if the truck gets too close.

Pedestrian detection

Short and long-range detection is primed to warn drivers about pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstructions smaller than a vehicle.

Active Driver Assist

Configurable visual and audio alerts help course correct lane drift and drowsy driving for safer, more secure travel. Choose the alerts you need, silence the alerts you don’t–such as during construction zone driving, where sudden lane changes need to be made.

Volvo Active Driver Assist +

Building on the standard safety package, VADA+ is packed with advanced features like Lane Keep Assist, Lane Centering, and pedestrian detection.

Blind Spot Detection

Drivers can use dash controls to manage audiovisual and haptic feedback blind spot alerts, keeping an eye on out-of-sight areas on both sides of the truck.

Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS)

Volvo Dynamic Steering with standard Active Driver Assist provides continuous road dampening and drive support for various road conditions. VDS with Oversteer Guidance helps avoid rollover events with additional lane keep support and optional personal settings.

Road Sign Recognition

The VNL’s forward-looking camera recognizes many road signs ahead of time, displaying them right in the instrument panel. Overspeed warnings, based on the last posted speed limit sign, can also be enabled.

911 Emergency Calling

The all-new VNL includes e-call as a standard driver protection feature, sending out an automated 911 call and location information in the event of a rollover or airbag deployment.

Passive rollover protections

During an accident, the vehicle's protective measures, including its High-Strength Steel cab, impact-absorbing dash, and automatic engine shutdown upon airbag deployment, collaborate to minimize the driver's risk and potential injuries.

Intelligent safety lighting

Headlights can switch high beams on and off automatically while cornering lights provide improved visibility when entering and exiting turns or curves at low speeds.

Driver and passenger-side air bags

The steering wheel airbag features a Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) and can deploy in seconds. Side Curtain Airbags help reduce risk of severe head and neck injuries.

Smoke and CO detectors

Optional alarms can warn drivers when increased levels of smoke or carbon monoxide are detected and help reduce the risk of smoke inhalation.

Flared frame rail

Volvo’s unique design enables the engine and transmission to sit lower in the frame rail. Both drop to the ground in a frontal collision providing an added layer of driver safety.


Redefining Performance

The all-new VNL’s ground-breaking powertrain solution begins with the D13 engine and the I-Shift automated manual transmission. Volvo torque packages, including our unique I-Torque, bring you a generation of Volvo Power that is more functional and more efficient than ever.

Volvo D13TC Engine

The Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine now offers fuel savings for a wider variety of applications than ever before. Fleets that run variable load applications, including tanker, bulk haul and flat-bed deliveries, can benefit from Volvo’s next-generation Turbo Compound system.

More savings for more applications

The Volvo D13 Turbo Compound engine now offers fuel savings for a wider variety of applications than ever before. Fleets that run variable load applications, including tanker, bulk haul and flat-bed deliveries, can benefit from Volvo’s next-generation Turbo Compound system.

See How the New D13TC Engine Works

Introducing our next generation turbo compound engine. Improvements that come with the Volvo D13TC engine include up to 11% fuel savings compared to model-year 2015 trucks, enhanced efficiency over a wider range of applications and a new EE Extra Efficiency drive mode.

Introducing Volvo I-Torque

The fuel efficiency of a direct-drive, and the performance of over drive. Allowing the truck to operate at a wide speed range efficiently, achieving up to 8.5 mpg at 85 mph.

Simple Design

The simplest turbocharger design is one whose turbine geometry are fixed. With fewer moving parts there is less chance for mechanical failure. Which is why the D13TC simple design makes it the most reliable engine we've ever built.

Last Longer

The D13TC delivers extra horsepower while operating at lower RPM, so there’s less strain on the engine. The fixed geometry turbo is designed to meet the 1.2 million mile B50 life of the engine, with no extra maintenance required.

Shifting Forward

By combining the next generation of I-Shift with the D13TC, you get application-specific solutions that exceed expectations for fuel efficiency, performance and driver productivity.


The most connected truck in the industry

Whether you’re an owner/operator or a fleet manager, Volvo Connect gives you a simple, convenient location where you can connect to all critical aspects of your truck. One login, one holistic view.

Better data drives productivity.

The most connected Class 8 truck in North America.

Increase productivity and savings with near real-time, industry-leading onboard telematics and diagnostics data

Volvo Connect

Volvo Connect is a simple, convenient interface connecting you to all of the critical aspects and digital services of your truck. Volvo Connect is your key to a more productive, more profitable business—whether you're managing fleet health or monitoring your own day-to-day operation on a single vehicle.

MyTruck App

Drivers have complete remote vehicle access with the industry-first MyTruck App. From viewing status reports and engine fluid levels on your mobile device to adjusting cab settings before you get on the road, the MyTruck App means less time braving the elements and more time in your element.

Remote Diagnostics

Analysis of critical fault codes leading to immediate communication and recommendations. Average diagnostic times are reduced up to 70% and average repair times more than 20%.

Remote Programming

Remote programming allows over-the-air updates of software and parameters, so there’s no need to remove trucks from service. Updated trucks have nearly half the faults and almost 25% fewer dealer visits.


With ASIST, you have the power to monitor vehicle status, review estimates, issue purchase orders, approve repairs, and communicate directly with a dealer.

Volvo Action Service

24/7 assistance in the U.S. or Canada. One phone call connects you with highly-trained uptime experts to manage service, schedule repairs, and more.

Fuel Economy Reports

Identify trends and compare vehicles and routes to maximize profitability. Includes a view of current vehicle fuel levels and a fuel receipt verification function.

Safety Reports

Critical data to support your driver coaching programs and compare performance across your fleet or industry wide. Quickly access safety-related event alerts by vehicle.

Map Location

Near real-time visualization for one or one thousand vehicles. Get insight into equipment status and utilization to help maximize productivity.

Fleet Health Monitoring Dashboard

Customize your dashboard to view the last 24 hours of vehicle travel information, integrating onboard and third-party data.

Partnered Vendor Solutions

By partnering with leading providers, we integrate smart technologies seamlessly into the VNL.

Pick the model that matters most

Select your cab model, pick a trim level, choose paint color, and everything in between.

VNL 860

Our flagship sleeper with top-of-the-line features

VNL 840

The max flexibility midroof option for long routes with varied loads

VNL 660

Maximum load capacity meets luxurious living for general freight

VNL 640

A luxurious midroof sleeper for varied and weight-sensitive loads

VNL 440

Mid-length and perfect for weight-conscious regional-haul applications

VNL 300

The daycab with peak comfort and fuel efficiency for local routes

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